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where wisdom and hope come together for better decisions

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  • Jesicha's Hope has no commercial activities related to medical products
  • Jesicha's Hope has no medical facilities
  • Jesicha's Hope does not sell a product or service for medical purposes or conditions
  • Jesicha's Hope does not provide medical information; it is solely a support and resource site.


About Us


ABOUT JESICHA'S HOPE: Jesicha's Dream Becomes A Reality

More About Jesicha

Jesicha's Hope was created from Jesicha's dream to help others with cancer and their families. She saw the need for such an organization and we developed the ideas together. I promised her I would join her in her efforts; I have never broken a promise to her, Jesicha's Hope is developing into her dream organization.

Her dream organization, one that would provide true HOPE to others, no empty words or smiles, but true HOPE. She wanted all doors opened so people may choose a treatment choice for

themselves, not limiting the choices most customarily see at local hospitals, clinics and doctor offices; chemotherapy, radiation, surgery.  Jesicha wanted others to know, there is more beyond the three - cutting, burning and poisoning, Jesicha's Hope opens those doors, allowing all to make logical, educated, and free choice decisions over their treatment.

Those going through cancer are fearful, desperate and confused. Jesicha knew and understood, the fears, the pain, the desperation and confusion; she experienced it all, and knew there were solutions, she found them, discovered them and created them.  Jesicha's Hope takes the fear out of going it alone, the Jesicha's Hope Team supports you and listens to those fears. When you reach Jesicha's Hope. that fearful pain disintegrates when Hope appears, no longer do you feel desperate, because we are here for you, the confusion is replaced with understanding of your options and knowing someone on our team will be there when you need them. That was her dream and we continue to accomplish her dream.

When you are at peace with your treatment plan, with others on your side, that truly understand your situation and emotions, your life is filled with HOPE.  Jesicha's dream has become a reality.



Being non-profit has its advantages, in that you can ask for donations, paying no taxes because you ultimately use up your funds and the donors can take a tax deduction. Sounds like a real win, win. What we discovered was being a non-profit, restricts your ability to provide resources through your organization that charge. That would mean Jesicha's Hope could not list on it's site any profit making clinic, doctor, natural health, nutritional products, etc. While we are not part of these other sites or institutions, we are actively listing them.  These are in our minds essential to fight cancer and we cannot keep these things from you.

Other organizations provide through membership fees or finder fees or donations resources for you to seek in order to get non-invasive treatments. We know when you are diagnosed with cancer, the last thing you want to do or have time to do is research; what you need is true direct lines to treatments, information and products that get you well. We also know you need support; true, empathetic support from people that are there for you through and through. We want no restrictions in who or what doors we open for fighting cancer.

Our decision to be a profit organization was based completely on our desire to give those stricken with cancer complete access to every clinic, doctor, product and information no matter what, our only criteria is that whatever door we open, whatever resource we offer, is solely for the fighting cancer. How plain can that be? Our funds go directly to providing information, resources and consultations and support. Why would we hide such critical information from you for a price? We understand, because we have been there, we know how it feels being desperate for resources, information and trying to find a consultation without costing us, dead end after dead end, until one protocol is found that fits a particular cancer case. Feel at home with Jesicha's Hope because to us, your family.

Note:  donations are not tax-deductible. The open doors you give is far greater a gift.

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