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Cancer Truths

Cancer Truths: diagnosis, prevention and treatment



The truths behind chemotherapy studies again is in the news. But this news is hidden away from the public; doctors refuse to tell you, ignore themselves, because perhaps they do not want to have to make a stand or a choice against chemotherapy. Whatever the reason, if you are fighting cancer, alternative cancer treatments might just be the first choice, because it might just be the choice that will help kill the cancer. Why? New studies show chemotherapy not only does little to kill the cancer, but in fact extracts an element from our healthy cells, forcing our healthy cells to feed the cancer; thus the cancer spreads and accelerates. If we do not choose an alternative cancer treatment first, we just might not have a second chance. 

"The bottom line is that conventional cancer treatments are a sham and they do nothing to help the patient overcome the causes of cancer."  says Mike Adams of Natural News. It is important for people to know the truths regarding Chemotherapy. We are told to believe and trust in our doctors but our doctors time and again are shown not to care enough to know what they are putting in our veins, in the name of treating cancer. They attack the symptoms but not the cause.  You have to know the truth to save your life. Read why chemotherapy does little for killing cancer and why it recurs. Why Chemotherapy and Radiation does not stop cancer, why Alternative Cancer treatments are a good option.

So you had radiation for your cancer; do you know the cells of your body hold that radiation? More people have long term effects they must deal with from radiation and chemo than the cancer, if they survive.  Life does not go back to normal after radiation; the body has been poisioned.  There is a very good link that explains much of what happens and what to do about it. Don't just think it goes away, it must be removed for full healing to occur.  Understand radiation poisoning and how to cleanse.

We should be able to choose our treatments, rather than be forced to Cut, Burn or Poison ourselves. A bill proposed last in 2011, giving Americans the right to choose our course of treatment will have about 1% chance of being acted upon. And we say we have freedoms. Why should we need a bill to tell us we have freedom to choose our own healthcare options? But as you will see from the governments site; there is little chance of it. Government will not allow us freedom to choose Alternative Cancer Treatments over Conventional Treatments

Now watch the truths about Cutting, Burning and Poisoning yourself to wellness, it just does not occur unless you are a rare lucky one


full documentary:

 Radiation can cause cancer to grow 30 times faster, can we afford to take such a risk?

Are Mammograms safe? Should doctors and breast centers use the fear of cancer, making women succumb to mammograms, else they might die if not screened?  This article is one MUST read for all women. And there is a better more effective screening, its cheaper, safer, too, Sonograms!  Why women should demand sonograms, the truths behind mammograms.

Drug company, Merek, caught falsifying data on vaccines; for the love of profits, drug companies are exposed to what they do to get your money, and 'we the people' are just the expendable commodities.

Drug company, Roche, fails to reveal important data involving side effects and deaths from some of their drugs; most were in the United States, but were never reported, drugs for breast, lung, colon cancer among them. Expendable Commodities ?

The Wealthiest non- profit organization Could it be the American Cancer Society?

It is not about your choice, it is about 'are  you worth it' and does the insurance or medicare think so.

Take a look at the American Cancer Society - not so friendly towards a cure   There are three parts to this article.  Part onePart TwoPart Three