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where wisdom and hope come together for better decisions

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Main Phone line: 860-615-9602

A volunteer or director will answer or return your call - please leave a message so we may expedite the return call by a qualified person.


  • Jesicha's Hope has no commercial activities related to medical products
  • Jesicha's Hope has no medical facilities
  • Jesicha's Hope does not sell a product or service for medical purposes or conditions
  • Jesicha's Hope does not provide medical information; it is solely a support and resource site.


Donations and funding

Jesicha's Hope Provides Services, Resources and Support FREE

We need your help in helping to keep providing our services, resources and support with no charge. Your help keeps us giving to others so others may find hope. 

Are We Non-Profit?

No, in order to provide what we feel is necessary and essential resources, information and products to fight cancer beyond conventional, where non-invasive treatment approaches are only available; where huge profits and industry protocols do not exist; where only killing cancer, putting cancer into remission, curing it and preventing it, is priority, while keeping the body healthy or restoring body health.  All that we stand for cannot be achieved under that strict guidelines of a non-profit organization, although all of our funds are exhausted providing all of our services to you for FREE.  Donations are not tax deductible.



Jesicha's Hope operates with the generous funds donated by those the Believe In Life; believe everyone deserves hope for life, hope for joy and know love, part of that hope, joy and love is discovering treatments and resources enabling cancer patients and their families a better chance at hope over cancer.

We at Jesicha's Hope dedicate our lives to helping others, giving them hope for a better life, enjoying life above all things, cancer needs be in the darkest corners of our lives, not to emerge. We help keep it there.

 If you prefer you may mail your donation to:

Jesicha's Hope

Post Office Box 55

Bantam, CT O6750


You may use your credit card to send us a donation using PayPal.  Please hit send money button -  enter in  Is simple and your donation will be on it's way to helping so many in need.