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Organic Living


  • Eat only organic foods

  • Drink pure water, raw milk or organic juices, pure nut milks

  • Clean with organic cleaners

  • Bath with organic soaps

  • Shampoo with organic shampoos

  • Launder with organic soaps

  • Use organic herbs and pure fragrances to freshen your home

  • Use organic skin and beauty products

How to begin:

  • Clean out your kitchen of all processed foods

  • Shop for organic foods and drink

  • Clean out your cleaner cupboards of all chemical cleaning products

  • Shop for organic cleaners

  • Clean out your laundry shelf or cupboard of all chemical cleaners, presoakers, detergents and drier sheets

  • Shop for organic detergents, softeners and pretreaters

  • Clean out your shower and bathrooms of all chemical shampoos, soaps, conditions and creams or lotions

  • Shop for organic shampoo, soap, conditioner and skin oils

  • Toss out all chemical laden air fresheners

  • Buy pure aromatic herbs and organic candles to use for air freshening and scent


Let's talk about shopping for food

Do you know eating fresh vegetables and fruits may actually be dangerous? How your vegetables and fruits are grown is as important as how you prepare or cook them, in fact, how they are grown is most important, Start out buying food that is safe to eat. Download your safe list now. Keep it with you.

Download Shopping List

Good foods give us what we need to be healthy or gain health. Learn about the foods we should eat.

Good Foods: What Do We Need To Eat?

Nutricuieticals are NOT natural. Supplements like your foods need to be naturally based so your body absorbs natural nutrients and not chemicals.

Discover if your supplements are naturally based or nutricuieticals. Know what to take and what not to take. Keep the list handy, print or bookmark it. Best to use a whole food supplements.  Everything you should know is here - remember to print or bookmark.

Clean safe, Clean green - Get healthy, Stay Healthy

Discover how to keep your house, your clothes, air, hair, and skin clean without exposure to unsafe products; keeping ourselves and homes clean while keeping our planet healthier too IS Living Organically. 

Simple essentials to non-toxic Organic Living

First if you are just beginning - grab a garbage bag and toss all non organics.

Second - now begin to put back in their place simple organic products, many of them serve dual purposes, like coconut oil, black seed oil or lavender oil. You will find you spend less keeping more money in your pocketbook.

Your on your way to a simpler life - a healthier life - enjoy it

The Simple Cleaning Closet

We have found some very good commercial cleaning products available in stores and online. What we have discovered is they don't always do a great job; so we constantly seek products that do work making organic cleaning as effective as chemical cleaners. While we do not promote any particular product or company we do have our favorites. MLM companies are out there in abundance and often do come up with some good products; we don't endorse any but we do shop there because we are unbiased as to who sells it  so long as it is good.  Good = an organic product that does the job well and costs reasonably.  We like Meyers, household cleansers,  organic cleaner from Forever Living, organic cleaners, and laundryfrom Melelucia ......... will continue to list.

  • Tea Tree Oil - Safe and effective for cleaning, use as an antibacterial cleaner, add to some water in a spray bottle to clean down your counters, bathroom, baby's room or sick child room, spray and wipe; great to add to mop bucket to keep the floor clean. A few drops goes a long way
  • Coconut oil  - it is one of the healthiest and most versatile products - use in kitchen for healthy cooking, use for hand lotion after washing up dishes; use alone or mix with other healing oils for healing salves, skin conditioners, and cosmetics
  • Black Soap - from the palm - is a wonderful nourishing soap for body, hands and hair. Get a new youthful skin using it. Great for baby soap.
  • Baking Soda: It absorbs odors, safe abrasive, breaks down stubborn stains and stuck on food, freshens laundry, brightens wash, polishes stainless steel and so much more. But it bulk, its cheap.
  • Vinegar: Great for cleaning wood, especially wood floors. It helps dispels bacteria, germs, and mold. Good for fabric softener as it gets rid of detergent residue.  Used as the main ingredient in homemade cleaning products like, window cleaners, bathroom cleaners, kitchen and floor cleaners because it sanitizes and deodorizes. Get a gallon.
  • Liquid castile soap: It's the sudsy base for a lot of homemade cleaning recipes. Use it to wash your hands, even hair, its mild and you it is made from olive oil or other vegetable oils, no petroleum in this. Have some on hand for making sudsy cleaning solutions.
  • Essential oils: They are derived from bark, flowers, roots and fruit oils; used for centuries for medicinal purposes and cleaning, today you will find them available a local health food stores or online. Each oil has its own special properties, for cleaning we like antibacterial properties found in oils like: clove, eucalyptus, lemon, lavender, rosemary, tea tree, thyme and cinnamon.   Get a few and your new solutions will make your house clean, and fresh.
  • Black Seed Oil - a great healer - use to mix with coconut oil for a great skin salve or everyday to keep skin protected from environmental damage, good as a mouth healer, sore throat or cold healer. An absolute must to have in the house.

Our Natural Cleaning Booklet will be available soon. Check back soon.


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