December 13, 2016

Where has all the knowledge gone? When do we ever learn? Someday soon they say but it never ends; fear and greed keep on going on and on. Will the people ever open their eyes and see the truth or always will they be enslaved through fear by those who exist on greed? I hear no sounds of people talking, I hear no sounds, only silence.

In the days when the earth was considered flat and those that dared to say it was round, men like the Greek philosopher Aristotle [384-322 BC] argued that because the earth cast a circular shadow on the moon it was spherical; were persecuted. If you opposed the current idea, persecution, prison or death certainly sealed your fate.

It is said if we could learn from our past perhaps we would not repeat history. Millenniums have passed, letting great minds, inventions, theories, and discoveries slip from becoming part of our reality. Diseases have persisted and antiqued theories have endured because something new threatened the status quo. Scientists and doctors feared the loss of recognition, status, and financial gain if the status quo changed.

If any of us are to learn and urge change, facing the past with all its horrors of persecution and great losses of the past is what we need to do. In a step, back in history, we meet some of the greatest minds that have faced horrific conclusions in their lives just for daring to think, discover and try to make a beneficial change.

Let's step back in history:

  • Socrates (469-399 B.C.) Though he never wrote anything of his own, he was known for his style of teaching. It is known as the Socratic Method, where he did not give knowledge but rather encouraged asking question after question until the student arrived at their own understanding. He was accused of corrupting the youths of Athens, and he spent his final days in the company of his friends before drinking the executioner's cup of poisonous hemlock.
  • Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī, known as Rhazes (865-925) was a medical practitioner from Baghdad, Continens Liber, was a compendium of everything known about medicine that he wrote, regarding his western teachings and rational thought on Hippocrates and Galen. The book was said to offend a Muslim priest who ordered Rhazes beaten by his own book which caused him to go blind whereby he could no longer practice.
  • Michael Servetus (1511-1553), a Spanish physician discovered pulmonary circulation, his book outlined his discovery as well he presented his ideas about reforming Christianity. The church deemed it heretical and under direct orders, he was arrested, tortured, and burned at the stake along with his books.
  • Giordano Bruno [1548 – 1600], viewed that the earth orbits the sun, supporting Copernican's view; he also believed that distant stars orbit on their own and perhaps other inhabited planets. He thought the universe was infinite and had not a true center. This outraged the Catholic Church, and he was consequently put in prison for seven years, the Pope then had him burned at the stake in Rome as his sentence for his beliefs.
  • Galileo Galilei, the Italian astronomer, and physicist, (1564-1642) was tried and convicted in 1633 for his evidence supporting Copernican's theory [ the earth revolves around the sun]. The Catholic Church said his work went against the scripture that says the earth is at the center of the universe. He was found guilty of heresy for his view and was sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life and all books he wrote were banned.
  • William Harvey (1578-1657), the father of modern physiology, made the discovery that blood circulated through the body. Traditional beliefs at the time taught the arteries forced the blood but Harvey showed they were passive and that it was the heart that pumped the blood around. He also discovered through watching chicken embryos the gestational evolution of the embryo in its early stages; until that time everyone assumed the sperm created life in an empty egg but his discovery lead to the understanding of mammal gestations. He was wise and cautiously worked around those he knew to be his adversaries. His actual work on the circulation of blood was done in about 1618-19 but was not published until well after. In 1642 his house was ransacked by Parliamentary troops and he lost much of his work.
  • A Bavarian Monk and physician, Johann Wirsung, in 1642 discovered the excretory duct of the pancreas, his envied professors at the university subjected him to continued insults and fought with him. After one such meeting and quarrel thereafter he was shot to death by a physician.
  • The founding father of anatomic pathology pioneered studies on the liver, kidneys, and spleen, Marcello Malpighi of Bologna [ 1628- 1694], received praises outside of Italy however at home he was subjected to ridicule and attacks by fellow professors, they finally burned his house and all his records.
  • Antoine Lavoisier, one of the great chemists of the time, discovered the law of conservation of mass through his commitment to accurate measurements. He wrote the first list of chemical elements, the predecessor to the periodic table. His work included the discovery approximately 20 percent of air is oxygen, and that when something burns it is a chemical reaction with oxygen; thus, the theory of combustion debunked the phlogiston caused combustion. He was killed by the guillotine in 1794.
  • 1846, a dentist named William T. G. Morton administered an effective anesthetic to a surgical patient for the removal of a neck tumor. Physicians argued, he could do as he liked, but needed to comply with the higher minds and ethics of physicians and surgeons. His anesthesia called Letheon would not be accepted by them unless he complied. Morton aggressively rejected all such suggestions, thus he received much persecution. Many like Horace Wells, Crawford Long, and even Morton's former professor, Charles Jackson, argued and laid claim to having used nitrous oxide and ether prior to Morton. But it was Morton's delivery system that made anesthesiology possible. The device developed in 1846 consisted of a glass flask with a wooden mouthpiece. It opened and closed on how conscience the patient was. Morton's observations demonstrated the power of ether and in his development of a crude but scientific method of regulating its inhalation. The physicians and surgeons did not see this as great, and he was ridiculed and persecuted, dying completely broke in 1868. It was years later that his work would bring him back to greatness, too late for Morton.
  • 1846, a Hungarian doctor named Ignaz Semmelweis questioned why so many women in maternity wards were dying from puerperal fever — commonly known as childbed fever. Like his contemporaries, Semmelweis no longer believed illness was caused by bad air or evil spirits. They were collecting data and autopsies were common to discover new data. So it was no surprise that when he arrived on the maternity ward he began his own study to answer his question. He studied the ward where all male doctors and students attended maternity patients as well as the ward where midwives practiced. He discovered the mortality rate on the doctor's ward was five times greater than the midwife ward. If you were attended by a doctor during delivery you were much more likely to die. He discovered that the doctors were doing autopsies and not washing their hands before delivering the babies, particles from the cadavers were on their hands and under their fingernails. Not knowing anything about germs he felt that if doctors washed their hands and instruments in a chlorine solution it would eliminate the contamination. It worked but his colleagues thought it made them look stupid, fired him, and went back to their old methods of not washing hands. He was committed to an asylum, where he died of a septic infection, which would not have occurred if his theory of anapestic methods had been in practice. Today it is still hard to convince people cleanliness is essential in preventing the spread of germs.
  • Gerhard Domagk (1895-1964), a German bacteriologist and pathologist made the first discovery of a commercially available antibiotic, sulfonamide. He should have received the Nobel Prize for his work but he was arrested by the Gestapo and held until he refused such a prize because the Nobel Prize was not from Germany. He later was given the prize but nothing associated with the way of reward was given.
  • Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German-born and a non-practicing Jew worked on the General Theory of Relativity. He was in the United States not in Germany when Hitler took power, he was deprived of his posts and membership in the Prussian Academy of Sciences, and all his German property was seized and burned in public. He alerted then, President Roosevelt that Germany might be developing an atomic weapon and that the USA should also consider such research.
  • The 1930's brought us Emanuel Revici, MD who in Paris observed the quantum properties of lipids in health and disease. He discovered non-toxic lipids that could treat pain and cancer. Revici was born in Romania in 1896 to a physician father, he earned his doctorate in medicine and surgery, becoming a professor at the Medical University in Bucharest. In the 20's he began his research on lipids and cellular metabolism; living in France he had five major papers put into the National Academy of Sciences through the Pasteur Institute. During WWII, he was part of the French Resistance and subsequently exiled to Mexico where he opened a clinic staffed by other exiled physicians and local physicians. He was said to be an innovative genius and an outstanding chemist. He was quoted as saying, "There are simply no two cancers which are alike, just as no two individuals are alike. We are fully entitled to consider my approach not only a highly beneficial treatment that can be offered now for this disease but even a major step nearer to the solution to the problem of the therapy of cancer. When correctly applied, it can, in many cases, bring under control even far advanced malignancies." He was referring to his work with Selenium used for cancer treatment. He believed two dynamic forces in all living organisms, catabolism (breaking down), or anabolism (building up) needed to be balanced or disease would follow. He said the body goes through two such stages every day and could determine the balance through pH urine tests twice a day. Invited in 1946 to the US by Dr Dick from the Chicago University and founded the Institute of Applied Biology, his book Research in Pathophysiology as Basis for Guided Chemotherapy detailing his work of over 30 years was quickly placed on the blacklist by the American Cancer Society and he was said to be practicing unproven methods. He was a scientific genius who came to America to escape persecution in Europe only to be faced with thirty years of harassment, and revocation of his medical license in 1993, which was returned to him less than two months before his death. His non-toxic chemotherapy has been successfully used for forty years.
  • Jewish-born Dr. Gerson escaped death in the Holocaust, and his seven siblings did not escape; the sole surviving Gerson made his way to America through France. He was practicing in Manhattan using his tuberculosis treatment with great success. Approached by a woman with cancer asking for his help, he refused to know the pressure that would be put upon him for treating a cancer patient; her pleading was successful and he treated her secretly. He decided after curing her to help others, knowing the wrath that was in store for him by his colleagues. 1946 Dr. Gerson attended a hearing before the United States Senate for the Pepper -Neely Anticancer Bill designed to fund 100 million dollars for anyone showing promise in cancer treatment. He presented five 'terminal' patients and five complete records of five others, showing the Senate he had cured them. The cure for cancer was found ABC announcer, Raymond Swing said. But, those in the medical field did not feel the same way about this great announcement, the Pepper-Neely Anticancer Bill was defeated by four Senators [who were doctors]; furthermore, Gerson was blacklisted, censured, and became a marked man. Over the next 13 years he lost his privileges at the New York State Medical Society and no longer could publish his work in peer-reviewed journals. His life ended in murder, speculation is that it was likely a medical or pharmaceutical industry retaliation and their way of sustaining profits for the industry rather than to prevent humanity from further suffering.
  • The 1930's brought us one of the most outstanding men of our time. In the early 1930's Royal Raymond Rife invented the first, and currently still the most powerful universal microscope which had a magnification of 60,000 diameters and a resolution of 31,000 diameters. With this microscope, he could see living viruses and through this could identify their frequencies. This meant that each organism had a signature frequency at which it vibrated or resonated. He developed this technology by building a frequency instrument that was able to reproduce these MOR's [ Mortal Oscillatory Rates] and thus kill the organisms. It is explained that if you were to hit a glass with the right frequency the glass would break, this too holds true for organisms; hit them with the right frequency and it will die. The Universal Microscope as he called it, used various illumination
    types: polarized, white light, dark field, slit ultra, and infra-red. 1931, Dr. Milbank Johnson invited a number of Los Angeles area physicians to his home in Pasadena, California to honor Rife for the work he was doing, Rife was honored as the man who had discovered a way to end all disease at this meeting. Rife was very accomplished he held numerous honors and awards from around the world, he was vastly inventive and would meet a challenge with an invention to solve it. Rife's inventions include a heterodyning ultraviolet microscope, a micro dissector, and a micromanipulator. Rife identified the individual spectroscopic signature of each microbe, using a slit spectroscope attachment; he slowly rotated block quartz prisms to focus light of a single wavelength on the microorganism he was examining. This wavelength was selected because it resonated with the spectroscopic signature frequency of the microbe since every molecule oscillates at its own distinct frequency. No two species of molecule have the same electromagnetic oscillations. Rife's discovery enabled him to view organisms that no one else could see with ordinary microscopes. The head of the American Medical Association, Morris Fishbein, heard of Rife's discovery and immediately sent his people to try to purchase the exclusive rights to the technology. Rife turned it down. [note: Fishbein later offered Harry M. Hoxsey his cure for cancer, and he also declined]. Rife started the True Beam Company to manufacture his instruments however an engineer he had in his company filed suit against Rife, financed by Fishbein; Rife lost the company fighting the suit. He then in 1950 partnered with John Crane, giving his licenses to his work to Crane. Medical authorities raided Crane's place and destroyed his work. He was sent to prison where he died; Rife was broken and spent his last years in Mexico as an alcoholic and died of a heart attack penniless in a Mexican hospital. No way for a man with his genius talent to have been rewarded.

  • 1939 Alan Turing joined one of the most secretive projects ever to have been done. He was born, in England in 1912. His work and accomplishments were not known for several decades due to their classified secrecy. He worked for the British intelligence service and played the key role in breaking the German "Enigma" codturinge. His idea for making a machine that could 'think' and compute mathematical problems faster than a human was how he broke the code. But Turing was a man before his time. No one really knows the 'man' behind what we call software, we take the software for granted but without Alan Turing, today may be a lot different. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would not have had their successes without Alan Turing first creating the idea of software. Amidst all of Turing's equations and mathematical theories the powerful idea that it was possible to create a machine that could compute anything a human could think or compute; his theory was one of logic, one that essentially described a machine that would use 0's and 1's to compute. Those that have studied Turing's massive amounts of papers say it was not the machine Turing was talking about or that he built to compute the numbers to break codes but it was 'software' that he invented that changed the world, making mechanical machines decide what and how to do things by themselves. Alan Turing should have been made a hero for his work in shortening WWII through his code-breaking invention, or that he had discovered how to make a computing machine or that he had invented software for those machines, or his work on artificial life, [Alan Turing: "The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis" in 1952], describing his research on the development of form and pattern in living organisms, using a computer to model his hypothesized chemical mechanism for the generation of the anatomical structure in animals and plants; but he was not made a hero, because he was homosexual he was forced into chemical castration because homosexuality was indecent. His work on morphogenesis was stopped short when in 1954 two years after his castration and humiliation he was found dead in bed, cyanide poisoning was the cause of death, and considered suicide; however, there was no real motive for suicide as his life was then directed on his morphogenesis. The truth will never be known.


  • In 1940, Dr. Reich, an Austrian immigrant, made the scientific discovery of previously unknown energy existing in the atmosphere, in space, and within all living organisms. It was called orgone. He observed orgone's energy charge in humans was expressed through emotion, and sexuality and could be measured. His experiments showed by sitting in an orgone 'accumulator' one could increase their vitality. The immune system could be boosted in the same manner by sitting in the orgone accumulator for half an hour a day for a period of several days. Dr. Wolfe a pioneer in psychosomatic medicine said of Reich's orgone accumulator: "it is the most important single discovery in the history of medicine, bar none." His work however did not gain him worldwide acclaim, he was criticized and grossly misrepresented in articles; eventually, the medical community got the FDA to gain a court injunction to stop Dr. Reich from researching, writing, or speaking about orgone. Subsequently, he was charged with contempt of court for a technical violation and sent to prison with his associate Dr. Silvert. His books were banned and burned. They were victims of a terrible and elaborate smear campaign by the medical and pharmaceutical interests. He died in prison, and Dr. Silvert committed suicide shortly after his release.
  • 1948, Dr. William Koch was prosecuted and self-deported to Germany. He was known for his theory and treatments using diluted vitamins, believing that diluted vitamins advanced the Krebs cycle of our mitochondria. The vitamins were co-factors in the mitochondria to promote aerobic metabolism, this is as he said the ideal form of metabolic activity of cells. An aerobic metabolism body is a healthy body according to Koch. The FDA true to its colors arrived at Koch's door and questioned him; they objected to his claims that he could cure cancer, something he was not saying he did. They started an investigation by the Michigan Board of Medical Examiners and after six months of embroiled investigations, he deported himself back to Germany where he had family. Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg the founder of HEEL immediately hired him and Koch was made head of research, giving him a home and job.
  • The 1940's brought Gaston Naessens into the medical and scientific eye. He was born in 1924 in Roubaix, France and at an early age showed his tendencies for inventions. The German Invasion disrupted his education at the University of Lille, he and fellow students escaped to Nice and finished their education in exile. Frustrated that he could not find a microscope powerful enough for his own studies he set out and made his own, much like Rife did over a decade before. Through his studies, he concluded, unlike Pasteur that believed 'germs' caused disease Naessens believed that disease came from within. Naessens stated: "I've been able to establish a life cycle of forms in the blood that add up to no less than a brand-new understanding of the basis of life. What we're talking about is an entirely new biology, one out of which has fortunately sprung practical applications of benefit to sick people, even before all of its many theoretical aspects have been sorted out" He discovered an ultramicroscopic, subcellular, living, and reproducing microscopic form that he called: 'somatid' (tiny body). He observed that the particle had a pleomorphic (form-changing) life cycle, and had a sixteen-stage life cycle; saying only the first three stages of the somatid life cycle are normal. When the body becomes weakened by toxins, radiation, emotional problems, or poor nutrition, the somatid will go through the other thirteen stages. Naessens went on to create 714X—an enzyme that helps the immune system do its job. It is a derivative of camphor and is injected interlymphatically. This process is held to be impossible by the mainstream medical community, yet administering medication through the lymphatics is not impossible. The 714X he said would not work for everyone, it needed the immune system and chemotherapy and radiation destroy the immune system. He never wavered in his belief that Pasteur was wrong, that germs created the disease; and he was right that disease came from within. Naessen was driven out of France after being prosecuted for fraud; he moved to Canada where he subsequently was prosecuted and threatened with life in imprisonment but later acquitted.
  • In 1951 Doctor Andrew Ivy, a drug developed by Dr. Durovic called Krebiozen was researched for use in treating cancer. He was a highly regarded medical researcher who headed up the Illinois University School of Medicine as well the university's vice president. Several business people, one included the AMA treasurer, JJ Moore, but refused. The medical community thus smeared Krebiozen thereby it was never followed again. Ivy was dismissed from his chair at the university. The AMA was charged with restrictive trade practices and the Supreme Court upheld the decision; congress in 1953 held the viewpoint that the Hoxsey treatment as well as Krebiozen were conspired against by 'organized' medicine. Morris Fishbein was forced to resign from his long-standing tenure as the head of the AMA. This was too late for Hoxsey, Ivy, and others but it did not change things either, the persecution continued.
  • 1980's a scientist enters the arena. A known genius with a documented 183 IQ was well sought after by the medical device corporations. He joined several others of equal intelligence to work on new inventions for the medical field. Terry Wright was born of Native American heritage in the heartland of America and according to his mother, was a difficult son to raise, with his mind forever searching and trying to make discoveries. One of his biggest and most well-known inventions is the flow detector, which is used in ultrasound equipment to detect the blood flow of the patient's body. His invention was revolutionary in the ultrasonic diagnostic equipment development. After years of mainstream work, he retired only to be called upon by his mother who was diagnosed with throat cancer. He decided since mainstream medicine could not save his mother he promised he would use his intelligence to save others. He had moved in retirement to Australia and there set up working on how to cure cancer. He researched the work done using Photo Dynamic Therapy and found the lights used were not strong enough nor was the sensitizer used matched to the wavelength of the lights. He discovered a method of using his own sensitizer that was completely non-toxic and developed lights that had the correct wavelengths to utilize the power of the sensitizer. He could kill cancer cells. While working with this PDT 4th Generation as he dubbed it, he found that when an animal or human is treated with PDT 4th Generation and kills the cancer cells, they don't grow back, in fact, he found that rats that were given cancer then treated with this treatment could not be injected with cancer again, it would not grow. He said, "Activating the Immune System using PDT creates a perfect vaccination against cancer in the patient's body, the immune system immediately begins to attack cancer. With antibody therapy, the suppressor t-cells are activated. When killing a large tumor up to 95% of the body's white cells rush to attack cancer" In Australia, many doctors brought him their patients and his success grew attention among oncologists across the country. He also attracted a team of a doctor and a con artist that approached him to open a clinic of sorts. After deciding the team was after money and not helping people he refused to go forward, in turn, they took some old sensitizer and a light whereby they killed several people using the old contaminated sensitizer. Going to the authorities proved for Wright to be the wrong thing, and he was quickly smeared and persecuted in local small newspapers. He decided to exile himself to the Philippines where he remains helping a select few each month with his treatment and doing charity work for many of the locals. He vows never to return to a country where the medical establishment persecutes or worse kills others to stop the advancement and preservation of humanity.
  • In 1980 a medical student, Dr. Gonzalez was reviewing medical charts from a dentist, Dr. William Kelley who claimed he cured himself of liver and pancreatic cancer in the 1960's using nutritional therapy, including pancreatic enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and coffee enemas. Kelley believed the pancreatic enzymes digested cancer cells. His theory was that each person's cancer was different and each needed individualized treatment, that they needed to detoxify the body allowing the immune system to help destroy the cancer cells. Once Kelley started to treat patients with his treatment the American Cancer Society stepped up to claim he was a quack, and others joined in, and eventually, he lost his license and moved to Mexico. Dr. Gonzalez concluded after reading through the charts that Kelley's regimen worked. He decided to forego mainstream methods of practice, opened his own office, and used Kelley's techniques treatment many patients with cancer; he was outspoken about his ideas and how important non-invasive cancer treatment is for survival. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was found dead at the age of 67 in July 2015. His death remains a mystery since he was a very fit man at the time of his death. He is one of many that have meant tragic and untimely deaths in recent times; all were healthy, found either appearing to have committed suicide with no evidence of a reason or a heart attack with no evidence of heart disease.
  • Rick Simpson has made a stir around the world for his claim to have cured cancer. His work with cannabis oil is well-known. He makes and distributes his medicinal cannabis extract known as hemp or cannabis oil. He was from Athol, Nova Scotia, Canada. Many patients claim to have cured their ailments using the oil. While he was in Europe the Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided his home and destroyed his house, office, and gardens. The medical establishment, cancer industries, and government agencies willing to cooperate responded viciously. Incarceration and persecution drove him out of Canada where he lives in exile in Europe. But the persecution of his followers continued, Marc Emery was jailed for selling cannabis seed and then extradited to the United States to serve prison time. The medical establishment hopes that by incarcerating doctors, scientists, and medical visionaries, such as Rick Simpson the costs will mount, the stress of the arrest, all the red tape, legal proceedings, and the humiliation will deter others and the public will lose interest.
  • Dr. Bradstreet left this world unexpectedly in June 2015, one month before Dr. Gonzalez was found dead. Bradstreet earlier had had his office raided by the FDA agents and Georgia law enforcement agents. The FDA three days before his death had raided his office looking for evidence of his use of using GcMAF with autistic patients. He had found GcMAF held great promise in treating illnesses like autism, chronic fatigue, cancer, and hopefully Parkinson's. Agents were hellbent to find anything that pertained to GcMAF, in fact, their warrant specifically stated they were looking for all Globulin Component Macrophage Activating Factor, GCGlobulin, and/or any other products or component substances thereof that constitute misbranded drugs under the FDA regulations. They gathered all information including patient records. Did Bradstreet commit suicide, was he overwhelmed by the persecution, or was he snuffed out leaving a message to others to stop? We won't know but we do know he was one of many recently found dead by apparent suicide or from a heart attack with no prior evidence of heart disease. In testimony before US Congress in 1975 it was indicated there was a weapon developed to shoot a projectile into a victim without knowledge which would introduce an undetectable substance that would cause a heart attack. Now it is time for others to judge who and how these doctors and scientists are dying prematurely.
  • But the mysterious deaths have not stopped and they are not isolated to the USA, Europe, Germany, Mexico, or Australia; Dr. Sebi, a world-renowned vegetarian, herbalist, healer, pathologist, and biochemist was said to have healed many diseases that they would have otherwise have died from. Although he was not a licensed doctor, and his work healing those that came to him posed a threat to the medical establishment that relied on the profits of treating people. Keeping people chronic and not curing assures multi-billion dollars coming in. He was arrested on charges of having 37,000 dollars on his person in Honduras, on May 28, 2016, something that was not illegal; released pending a hearing he was arrested again several days later by the equivalent of the US FBI, the Ministerio Publico of Honduras. He was in custody until August 6th when he was said to have been rushed to a hospital with complications of pneumonia, he died on the way to the hospital at the age of 82. He was known to have been healthy at the time of his arrest and no evidence was found to show if he had pneumonia or what occurred on his way to the hospital. His death ended the medical establishment's fears of his healing on their profits.


Centuries and millenniums have passed; still, scientific, theological, and inventive masterminds are not lifted to heroism status. Their contributions to mankind and the evolution of our planet or universe are thought of as threats to the status quo. Rather than embrace their work and allow for intellectual advancements and expansion, bringing our evolutionary sites to new levels; we destroy or belittle their papers, books, theories, and inventions. The fearful pretend they are of higher intelligence, mocking the superior minds so the public eye casts a disdainful look upon them. And the public does not know what miracle, or advancement they have lost.

What could have been, what would have occurred, and how far would we have evolved if the masterminds fallen, had been embraced? Are we not ready to stop disease, find a new planet, to understand the theories of science and theology? Where could we go and what could we discover if the masterminds were free to think and we were open to their new ideas?

Yet, like Socrates we will force poison upon a brilliant mind or cast out the forward thinkers, leaving us with opinions and theories that do not solve our problems or cure us. We are left with cancer, diseases, famine, extinction of plants and animals, and dying seas and plant; the solutions to these problems are held within the masterminds we are all too willing to give up as sacrificial lambs. Are we no more civilized than the citizens of Athens in 399 BC considering Socrates a threat for teaching students to ask questions or Aristotle for telling the Greeks the earth is round? We would rather uphold poisons for cures, and call doctors heroes for poisoning us and men [women] that cure us quacks. Our choices give us what we deserve: no progress and no beneficial evolution.

Where have all the masterminds gone? They have gone but their work is not forgotten by open minds seeking higher thoughts and broadening horizons. We shall hear their words and silence will not be. Just imagine all the people imagining the unimaginable. Our problems can be solvable because they have imagined the unimaginable. Simply believe.

Jesicha's Hope is founded on the belief that the answer to solving and curing a disease is not just possible but does exist and with hope we can find the great minds that have the answer hidden in exile somewhere safe. It is our continued quest to find these great minds and lead the way for the sick to find healing. Find us on Facebook or join a discussion: , ask us a question or need help








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