Preventative Mastectomy an answer or false hope?

May 14, 2013

The media is all over this story. When a celebrity comes out to tell all; sheeple follow, but should they? Is is good when a celebrity encourages people to mutilate their bodies all in an effort to stave off cancer?

We all hate cancer, and no one wants to get it but can we truly prevent it? I don’t think we can; we can lower our risk but we cannot guarantee we will not get breast cancer. Or any other cancer. If we start to encourage women to cut off their breasts in the name of lowering their risk of breast cancer will we be opening Pandora's box ?

There are types of breast cancer that is a high risk to their decedents; but is there another more prudent way to handle this without going so far as to cut off healthy breasts?  Many patients with breast cancer in one breast will opt to have the other removed with full support of their doctor; is this a good recommendation when studies show such excess surgery does not extend survival rates significantly.  Cancer cells travel and cutting off a healthy breast because there was cancer found in the other, does not prevent the cancerous cells from migrating to somewhere other than the healthy breast, in fact most metastatic cancers are found in bones, liver, lungs, etc and quite often do not appear in the healthy breast. So why do we cut it off? Most HER2 + breast cancers are controlled for long periods with many estrogen controlling drugs.  Those cancers that are not estrogen sensitive are harder to control and cutting off healthy breasts do not have any impact on the survival rates of estrogen negative cancers.  Again, why do doctors recommend double mastectomies when only one breast is involved?

Those with hereditary breast cancers still have good options that do not include drastic measures. Controlling estrogen levels, controlling diet and close monitoring allows the women to remain intact and able to control her risks. Having the double mastectomies does not guarantee no cell ‘got away’. Cancer is still a risk, you will still be monitored, no less than if you did not have the mastectomies; the only difference is you will have no breasts. With such advancements in medicine have we not moved beyond what we called barbaric medicine like blood letting; yet is cutting off body parts in the name of prevention, not barbaric.

While Jesicha’s Hope supports all decisions, we do also support and encourage women to become educated. We want women to explore all possibilities and seek all options for their risk or their cancer. There are natural therapies and treatments that stop cancer; diets and supplements that lower your risks significantly.  Keeping your body strong, your immune system strong is the best defense you have against cancer. Cutting breasts off without changing your lifestyle will give you no great advantage.  Keeping your breasts, supporting your best defenses and monitoring is your best advantage in our opinion.  If cancer appears, there are strong naturally based treatments, like the BX Antitoxin that will attack the cancer without side effects allowing you to keep your breasts, kill the cancer and leave your healthy cells healthy; your immune system will come to life, defending you, along with the BX Antitoxin to kill the cancer.

Should you follow someone just because they are a celebrity?  Because one person in the public eye tells us to do something as ludicrous as having double mastectomies for the sake of giving us hope against having breast cancer should we blindly follow? The answer is no, but today the media gave Angelina Jolie a soapbox to tell her story; too many will not fully understand Angelina’s medical case, willingly and eagerly applying it to themselves where they will mutilate themselves just to be like Angelina Jolie.  Her case is her case, her decision was based on whatever truths or doctor’s opinions was given her.  We don’t make medical decisions based on what a celebrity does. We need be educated or we will be no better than our blood letting ancestors.

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