The Pandora Effect

August 30, 2016

Cancer can be killed off by a number of methods. The most well known throughout the world is Chemotherapy. While it does kill cancer cells by means of poisoning cells in a rapid replication mode, it is non-discriminatory, meaning healthy cells like liver cells for example that replicate quickly or hair that rapidly grows are attacked also.  Radiation again is commonly used and will poison all cells of the body as well, this is whether it is targeted or pinpointed or not, the radiation will spread throughout the body. Other means of killing cancer can be found in many types of unconventional methods; remedies that are less common, cannabis [ a popular method circulating the world], teas, diets, hyperthermia, plant-based treatments, PDT, and serums specifically developed to kill cancer cells; all these can kill cancer cells to some degree.

Whether any of these treatments will eliminate cancer or not, The Pandora Effect * occurs nonetheless. It is this particular kill off, small or naught that is the major cause of why patients do not survive. Killing large amounts or nearly all cancer does not mean survival is guaranteed. However exciting and wonderful the words – your cancer is dead or you have no more cancer are, the Pandora Effect if not recognized and taken seriously survival is a risk.

necrotic cell

So, let’s look at The Pandora Effect. What is The Pandora Effect? When cancer dies off within that cell or around that cell, pathogens exist. Prior to die off they are feeding off cancer and contributing to cancer’s progression and survival. These viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites are why cancer exists as well why it multiplies and metastasizes. Toxins help contribute to the environment that spurs and maintains cancer cells and their growth.

Cancer is not well built, it is leaky and wants a vascular supply to feed the cells. This feeds the pathogens as well.  Most do not need a lot of oxygen. As the cancer grows the inner sections of the tumors get less oxygen than the outer most portions of the tumors; this caused the inner cancer cells to mutate and need less oxygen, this purely for survival purposes. Pathogens and toxins are hidden within established cancer giving them a safe haven so to speak. They do not make you sick during this time as they are happily living within cancer.

Look at the Fungus.  Many people believe cancer is fungus, while it may act like it or even look like it, cancer has certain characteristics that show it is not.  Cancer cells have the same anaerobic energy as fungi however cancer’s degree of oxidative energy is different than fungus. The oxidative energy of cancer cells can be restored and converted back to normal cells, fungus cannot do this. Dr. Milton White stated that in his studies, he found fungi spores in all the cancer samples he studied.   He did not see the cancer as fungus but found fungi spores living in the cancer.  Other studies have compared cancer to candida, it grows in a colony formation and has many characteristics of yeast cells. While there may be direct similar comparisons, cancer remains a mutation of normal cells that tend to adapt to every situation and condition for survival.

It has long been thought there was an association between cancer and bacteria, viruses and parasites. HPV or human papillomavirus found in cervical cancer and herpes virus in sarcomas, Helicobacter pylori – or H-pylori is known to be contributory towards gastric and mucosa lymphoid tissue lymphoma as well Cytomegalovirus found in brain cancer. Each type seems to have certain types of bacteria and viruses associated with them.

In the 1930’s Wilhelm von Brehmer described seeing microbes in cancer patient’s blood however his discovery was met with a wrath from colleagues prompting Adolf Hitler to intervene. Georges Mazet also found pleomorphic bacteria in Hodgkin’s lymphoma as early as 1941, he reported a red staining bacterium in many types of cancer. Furthermore, as early as 1890 William Russell, a pathologist at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh, gave an address to the Pathological Society of London, he reported his histopathologic findings of a characteristic organism of cancer he had observed using a microscope in fuchsine-stained tissue sections from all the cancer forms he had tested, as well as in some cases of tuberculosis, syphilis and skin infections. Russell’s microbes are known as Russell bodies.  Now over a century later ‘Russell bodies’ or ‘large body’ microbes are being found in microscopically studied samples of cancer and other diseases. Still, there is a wonder what cancer is and what cancer holds within its walls.

Bacteria and viruses can also be opportunistic, finding safe haven within tumors. Their presence can be due to infections via the vasculature system and find tumors a place to find nutrients to survive. Studies have found in observing different patients that a variety of indigenous bacterial species are isolated in cancerous lesions. Tumors may provide a localized environment and may be unapparent to blood samples.  Infections transmitted to the patient during surgery is common, those patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation find themselves susceptible to infections as their immune system is brought down during such chemo or radiation treatments. This leads to these viruses and bacteria to find a home within cancer cells. When some cancer does die from chemo or radiation The Pandora Effect takes place. What makes this serious for such a patient is that the immune system is vastly compromised from the chemo or radiation thus survival is a real risk and perhaps good reason why cancer patients die after having such treatments.

Toxins find their way into cancer cells and set up residence. In a study the presence of pseudo estrogen paraben esters were found in 99 percent of all those cancer tissues sampled.  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate known as SLS – helps to allow other chemicals to penetrate into cells, once they open the door so to speak it allows cells to be vulnerable to other toxic chemicals. Cancer cells are easily penetrated and will harbor the SLS as well as other chemicals and toxins found in everyday products from shampoos, to skin creams, shaving creams and dozens of other personal care and cosmetic products.

What is curious, the resulting effect on the body when the cancer is killed off. What occurs? Where do the all the inhabitants of the cancer go?  They are released. And The Pandora’s Effect takes place. The cell opens like Pandora’s Box and whatever is within is released. Now the body must fight for survival against these sudden intruders.

 How does this die off allow The Pandora Effect to take place?

When a cell dies, its normal functions will stop functioning. The cells become leaky, meaning what held them together begins to fall apart allowing what is held on the inside of the cells to leak out. Whatever is now outside can penetrate. Enzymes from the cells will ooze out, the chromosomes break apart, the proteins once bonded together fall apart; everything begins to degrade. This process attracts your macrophages and neutrophils; these two types of cells are the body’s scavengers. They have a job, they clean up and digest dead things, dead cells and dead cell debris. Think of them as scavengers cleaning up road kill. When cell death occurs, they put out a certain smell that these scavengers smell and go after. Macrophages are like a fleet of garbage trucks; our bodies have a finite amount of trucks in the fleet; when signaled they set out to the site and pick up the debris and eating them. Like a recycle center the neutrophils and macrophages recycle the proteins, sugars, nucleic acids, etc, all get recycled and used. Phagocytes, as they are called, find all dead tissue tasty and cancer cells are no exception. Normally, dead cells are an everyday occurrence and cleanup is fast; however, if a large tumor or tumors are killed quickly, the phagocytes have a larger job and it can take time for them to completely clean up the sites. Meanwhile the dead tissue can attract and create inflammation as well can allow for infections too easily penetrate these hollowed cells. Where did all the pathogens go that were inside the cells? They are now left to fend for themselves, now within the body, circulating the bloodstream and indeed ready to make the cancer patient very ill

There is little study or research done to discover what actually happens to the residents of the cancer cells; that is, what happens to the bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites that inhabited the cancer cells? If most researchers will not even agree that they actually are present, then who will research what does occur with a large die-off happens? When treatments that do accomplish the task of truly killing cancer cells in large amounts quickly, the body immediately will find these pathogens escaping in large numbers into the bloodstream and neighboring cells.  It is no wonder why many patients when die-off occurs begin to exhibit symptoms of viral and bacterial infections; many patients die due to such infections.  Doctors are not trained to accept complete cancer die-off; when any large die-off occurs, it is considered an effect of cancer itself and no diagnosis of infection is usually given, hence most patients will go undiagnosed of infection. If it was well known and accepted that viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites reside inside and around cancer cells, and released upon the death of the cancer cells; massive use of antibiotics and other treatments would be implemented. That today is unfortunately not the case.

Those that do experience a large death of cancer cells and are victims of The Pandora Effect will be faced with trying to survive through it on their own.  Most will find doctors unwilling to understand or accept that The Pandora Effect is occurring, any symptoms will be blamed on the progression of cancer with only more chemo or radiation or in many cases, palliative care such as morphine will be given until patients succumb to the ravages of the pathogens.  We have witnessed again and again such scenarios. How many could have survived if The Pandora Effect was recognized? Patients need to be monitored and doctors need be ready to deal with infections and toxic reactions from the die-off of cells.  Any clinic that uses unconventional treatments creating large amounts of die-off need to understand The Pandora Effect is going to occur. You cannot just kill cancer and leave the patient to fend for themselves; recovery and survival depends on treating The Pandora Effect. Once cancer is killed, the ‘box’ opens and anything within it escapes; we must begin to concentrate our research efforts to bring more people through this crisis.

 Imagine, killing cancer and curing the patient of the whole disease. No more watching people succumb to massive multiple infections as pathogens escape and begin to invade the body. Many of these pathogens will disguise themselves and protect themselves against antibiotics or other means of dealing with them like frequency treatments, herbal tinctures, hyperbaric treatments, etc.  Until they become strong enough to invade the body which can be months to several years a patient may feel improved, even well. Most, however, have some issues shortly after the initial cancer kill-off.  Studies have shown pathogens hide using biofilm. Researchers and scientists know biofilm has been a known cause of why bacteria and viruses hide from antibiotics and why many die of bacterial and viral infections unable to be killed off. This occurrence is well documented, yet doctors do not recognize it making The Pandora Effect more serious and difficult to control.  Patients need to be monitored, treated and not left to figure out how to deal with the healing cancer crisis. If cancer can be killed, so too can all pathogens that escape from The Pandora Effect.

*The Pandora Effect is a term given to effects on the body after cancer die off and pathogens residing within these cells escape, through the research by Nadine Napolitano of Jesicha’s Hope.

Jesicha’s Hope believes cancer is not incurable. We need to understand and address not just killing the cancer but to address what escapes from cancer. It is grave and unjust to allow an invasion of bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites into the patient without treating them.  We have found a professional that accepts this theory and is working hard to treat cancer from cause to cure – allowing the body to fully restore itself to health after cancer death.  Ask us. or contact us: visit us at:








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