Don’t kill the patient, Kill the cancer

June 28, 2015

Can I overcome the death sentence of osteosarcoma?

Conventional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation will bring the quality of life down. Chasing the tumors with surgical procedures debilitates the patient but life extension is decreased as more procedures begin to take a toll on the body.

So why do oncologists insist on carving up the body? Why do oncologists continue to poison the body?

But there is an answer; there is a place where the answer to your question will be answered yes.

So why do oncologists continue to cut and poison? Why are oncologists holding onto patients before there is little left to save?

Timing is everything; survival relies on the body’s ability to overcome not just the cancer but the damage done by the severe treatments imposed upon the body. If a doctor wants the survival of the patient, if there is an intention to bring about remission, so there will be a continuation of life, then decisions of treatment would be greatly osteosarcoma scamchanged. The prognosis of osteosarcoma is grim; long-term survival is rare, making the need for less severe treatments not necessary according to most doctors. Why worry about carving up someone or poisoning them when the expectation of death is high? Perhaps if oncologists were not so sure of their decisions or blind cited by biased conventional treatments there would be different outcomes.

This question was asked by a young man; he did not want to die but the answer to his doctors was No. Conventional treatments carved him up and chemotherapy with radiation took his immune system to near zero. His body still was ravaged by osteosarcoma and ravaged by surgery or chemo with radiation. With or without conventional treatment his cancer grew.

The answer he finally was told after seeking hope was Yes. And he did travel and he did see cancer die; the answer was all along – Yes. But what we see in his case is the conventional treatments allowed to go too far in damaging the body create an irreversible situation; death occurs even when the cancer is gone.

Don’t accept No as an answer; kill the cancer before conventional cancer kills you. Osteosarcoma is not a death sentence unless you choose to be butchered and poisoned with no effect on cancer itself; choose to kill cancer and let your body live.

The images below are from a patient with osteosarcoma; the before the scan is showing a complete whiteout of the spine where the tumors were growing along the spine; the second scan shows after several days of treatment where the spine is visible as well as the spaces between the vertebrae; the tumors are gone.



If you would like to learn more about what treatment was used for this patient please contact someone at Jesicha’s Hope. Full remission is possible; please be kind to your body and receive the treatment before it is too late. or email:







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