The Cost of Finding the Cure

June 10, 2015

Is there a treatment that could cure cancer? Ask any conventional doctor and he will tell you – NO. If you dare mention that you heard of a treatment that is effective against cancer and his response will be: “If there were a cure everyone would hear and know about it.”

This statement is used often every day when more and more seek some type of alternative to chemo and radiation. And more people are told they are foolish for reading studies about some effective treatment used with success; rubbish you are told. “Stop searching the internet, I would tell you if I knew of a cure or treatment that would work better than your chemo or radiation.” If you have cancer and you asked that question possibly that is what you remember hearing. But is that true?

Look at the studies and research done on dozens of effective treatments. There are case studies, and medical researchers working hard to develop or study substances that can be used singularly or synergistically with other substances to work against cancer. This is all evidence-based research. Surely your doctor has read them, so if he has why does he not discuss these possible treatments?

The rules and regulations each doctor and hospital must adhere to are strict when it comes to cancer. States varying and federal laws are often less restrictive than states' medical regulations as to how to treat or deal with doctors or hospitals if they do not adhere to the law. The FDA has stated, cancer can be treated only with approved treatments; the approved treatments are chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Anything other than these three must be – for palliative care, or to ease the pain of the effect cancer has on the patient; in other words, you can prescribe other treatments that can ease the journey but not treat the cancer. Some doctors have learned to use this palliative treatment clause to help patients with other types of care; most adhere strictly and are more than happy to do so.

Cheerleaders for chemotherapy and radiation are quick to tell you if you believe there may be a cure or two out there, you are a conspiracy theorist; name-calling is their defense. They will tell you how many people are helped with chemo and radiation but statistics show nearly 97 percent will at some point succumb to the treatment or cancer, meaning if you use the conventional you have a 97 percent chance of dying within a 5-year period. So these cheerleaders obviously are following the 3 percent that is cured or lives longer. They further will tell you – “ If there was a cure, whoever found it would be rich”

Well, not so fast…… whoever can keep the cure from the people stands to let the cancer industry make Billions. And if a cure was found and the cure could be used to cure these same people that are struggling now with chemo and radiation there would be Billions lost to the industry. If you ran a corporation and someone came along with a better mouse trap selling for a fraction of the price – would you want that mouse trap around? Any good economist would say – knock out the competition – get rid of the new mouse trap.

So what would the loss look like if there was a cure? According to statistics in 2010 in the United States alone, 569,490 people died of cancer. Averaging they were treated for 3-5 years with a total bill for all treatments, tests, hospitals, and palliative care at about 1.5 million, the cancer industry from these cancer victims would have been 854,235,000,000 – that’s over 854 Billion – almost one Trillion dollars. This is only for those that died in one year period. If a treatment was found that could cure them – and say 10K was spent for each of those years, average to 30K, the cost to treat and cure these same people would be, 17,084,700,000 – that is about 17 Billion. The loss to the cancer industry to treat and cure these 569,490 people would be a staggering 837,150,300,000 – over 837 BILLION dollars.

Someone’s loved one – or yourself are being sold out to keep the cure from reaching the desperate people wanting to live, to totally survive cancer. It is not a conspiracy that cures are being held from you, it is just plain – doing business the corporate way.

Is there a cure? Of course, there are effective curative treatments. But you won’t find them at your local cancer center. You will have to seek and find them in parts of the world where treating with the intention of curing the patient is standard practice; where life holds more value than profit.

Jesicha’s Hope is dedicated to helping those seeking treatments and help for cancer without side effects to discover those options. We believe it is everyone’s right to have access to such options and help in finding how to obtain the treatment. If you or a loved one has cancer, ask how we can help you discover an effective treatment.








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