Chemotherapy drugs come with disclaimers and disclosures, Doctors: READ

March 1, 2013

In a recent article it was noted doctors are introduced to new chemotherapy drugs through drug ‘salesmen’ giving their pitch; once the chemo drug is accepted for use after the sales pitch the drug is sent to the doctor. Upon the arrival of the chemo drug a leaflet is enclosed, yet full disclaimers and disclosures are either included or made available to the doctors in order for them to fully understand what the drug will do, or expected to do, what side effects have been known or discovered during trial and what long term effects may be expected. Our problem, as the likely patient, is the doctors do not read any of the disclaimers or disclosures; at best they skim the over the leaflet and that leaflet gives no pertinent information to warm the doctor of serious side effects expected and of the long term or after effects.  [ article ]

Where in any other industry or profession is it acceptable for a professional not to read directions, disclaimers and disclosures before administering or putting into service a product?  A chef reads the recipe, reads the labels before putting a product into the food product; a mechanic reads directions and follows them, including warnings before installing the part; an electronic technician reads all warnings and disclosures before working on a electronic or a software tech reads warnings, directions and disclosures before installing or manipulating software. We would find any of these professionals acting negligently if they did not read directions or disclosures and an error occurred; they would be fired, reprimanded or written up. These professionals are not working directly on your body, these errors would not directly kill  or harm you.

How is that we readily accept and trust doctors, believing when we put out our arms to have chemotherapy drugs dripped into our veins that the doctor has full knowledge of what it will do, not do and what potential serious or minor side effects jeopardize our bodies?  Anyone in desperation, fearing the possibility of dying from cancer, puts trust into a doctor, they need to trust someone yet these doctors are taking advantage of our trust.  For me, I feel betrayed, these doctors have lost my trust.  Playing recklessly with lives is not acceptable.

Because they have not read the disclosures and disclaimers; patients every day are experiencing serious side effects, to the extent of damaging organs beyond repair, over dosing, causing further cancers, spreading the cancer or killing the patient.  Those that survive, most find themselves suffering from a long list of long term effects; heart problems arise, immunity is lost, liver, kidney damage is well documented, thyroid problems, pancreas function, pituitary damage, long term or short term memory problems, headaches, hormone problems, bone problems, recurrent or second cancers and the list goes on; all never disclosed to the patient. Why? Because the doctor never read the disclaimers or disclosures.  Worse yet, doctors readily mix one chemo with another, from different pharmaceutical companies with no knowledge whether such a mixture or cocktail as they call it will cause side effects not yet studied or known. But we believe and trust the doctor, we assume they know what they are doing; we hold out our arms and let that cocktail drip; what happens is a mystery, we are the guinea pig. If that cancer halts, we gleefully claim the doctor a hero but what happens a year or years done the line when the long term effects begin to appear, worse yet, when a second or recurrent cancer appears. These are all unacceptable. We are killing and maiming more patients than we are saving or curing.

You can claim it is worth the risk to kill the cancer, but is it? Do doctors have the right to give you these chemotherapy drugs without knowing what effects it will have upon you and not telling you? You have the right to know and make your own decision.  But, our FDA says it is okay and we again trust because we are told they are looking out for our best interests. Are they?  Have you ever read articles announcing a new chemo drug? The profits it will make the pharmaceutical company is foremost in the article, not what it will do, furthermore, many serious side effects are not fully disclosed to the FDA; the trial results are manipulated in order to hide some of the most serious side effects so as to pass the FDA approval. Everyone is lying.  We are forced by the FDA to choose from two evils, chemotherapy and radiation, usually you have no choice and given both. 

Are there no other choices? Yes, but the FDA says they know best, chemotherapy [making billions off patients] and radiation [more profits] and both come with huge risks, death being very common [short or long term effect].  We are so indoctrinated into being told doctors and the FDA know best we believe it. Say if long enough and often people will believe anything.  If there was a cure or good safe treatment, wouldn’t everyone know it, wouldn’t my doctor tell me, he cares for me; hear that statement often?  Truth is, no your doctor does not tell you everything they know and no a cure or safe treatment will not be made known so long as it does not profit a pharmaceutical.  Did you know over 75 percent doctors will not use chemotherapy themselves but seek an alternative cancer treatment?  True.  So, is your doctor telling you all, telling you what is best for you when he does not think it best for himself?  [article ]

If the light bulb is blinking or brightly on; you have come to a rude awakening and if that angers you, I accept the anger because I experienced it also.  We are being manipulated by our government [FDA], pharmaceuticals, healthcare providers; telling us untruths, playing with our lives for profit, giving us false hope.  We are told these treatments, chemotherapy and radiation are proven, but they are not, how can a treatment documented and statistically shown to have many serious side effects taking our quality of life always, creating more cancer or spreading it; all putting at risk to die. [ article ]Many find those without any treatment live near or longer than those treated with chemo; yes there are survivors but they are the lucky ones. Let’s concentrate on the others, the majority that experience side effects and those that die from the effects, no one gave them a choice.

Alternative cancer treatments, those that are naturally based, scientifically researched, tested, studied and proven to have curative effects on cancer with no harm to the body; they are out there. You have to seek, and research, over look the obvious non effective treatments.  You will not kill cancer with a cup of tea, one herb or eating a certain food; they may help your immune system but don’t trust your life with one single thing.   Read and do your due diligence; answers are out there.  In my opinion, a an integrative approach is best,  use targeted treatments, a combination designed for your health status and cancer is best.  A good alternative cancer center has the best to offer; most of these clinics are found outside the United States borders, politically forces to practice beyond the FDA and pharmaceutical lobbyists grasp.  Hyperthermia, SPDT,  Chelation,to mention just a few all have curative results, all without harming healthy cells.  Most need be administered by a well trained specialist and each patient should be overseen by a clinical center or doctors for a good outcome.  It is imperative for everyone to know alternative cancer treatments are not a 100 percent; nothing is, but the risks are less and the results are better. At Jesicha’s Hope, we offer resources to find  alternative cancer treatments, naturally based with no chemicals to harm the already sick body; good living information, complete support for the mind and spirit as well as for your choice; advocating a positive living attitude for healing, with a no ‘death sentence’ prognosis.  We feel it is far better to give hope than to take it away; conventional medicine thinks in terms of time and death, we think in terms of an open end and living. The manual for good living, ethical caring and sharing of hope needs be read; it is the best directions to follow and the only disclaimer is: beware – Joy might happen if you Live well.







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