Breast cancer disappears–will make surgeons nervous

May 27, 2015

Disappearing Breast Cancer ----- after two weeks of a special protocol this woman without any surgery, chemo, or radiation is going into remission; today she is cancer free. This is not unusual and a well-expected result of this protocol. No more mutilation or poisoning of the body.

Jesicha’s Hope can fully explain how this protocol works and how it can work with any type of cancer. The disappearing cancer does not have to be breast cancer, any type is eliminated.

What you need to know is there is no fear or need to cut your breasts off; there is a safe effective way to eliminate your breast cancer, all without side effects. If your breast cancer has metastasized your cancer still can be eliminated, a bit more healing needs to take place but it can be cured.


Look at the scans below taken over only a period of two weeks.








imageUPDATE: JANUARY 2023 - The treatment used in this case was done using the protocol used at a private Philippine clinic. There a unique PDT was used along with formulations developed by a scientist dedicated to curing cancer. Unfortunately, he became another victim [in 2012] of big pharma eliminating those that threatened their corrupt drug industry. We have worked diligently since 2015 to bring about cures using other forms of treatments. Please contact us for information on hopefully obtaining curative modalities.

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