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Gateway To Proven Cancer Treatments

Discover and understand how these proven treatments work.


The treatments we list here are proven treatments to treat those with cancer or autoimmune diseases. We have observed, experienced, and researched the listed treatments finding them worthy of serious consideration. The ultimate choice is that of the patient. We believe all good choices come from an educated decision maker; thus, are purpose is to educate you on the best options we have found - worldwide.

Some of the treatments listed can be done at home without a lot of professional intervention.  For purposes of budget or inability to travel these treatments are proven effective and often used in many countries as a prescribed cancer treatment. These are superior over home-grown natural remedies found or told; if you have cancer don't waste time and money on ineffective or barely effective remedies.

Some of the treatments listed require a clinic stay. Because we believe every person should have the best care we have worked hard to find the world's best places to help cancer; only those we have seen bringing about remarkable outcomes are chosen. They have extended to Jesicha's Hope the ability to act on your behalf as patient support making it easy to negotiate and facilitate treatments. Note we are not their employee. This is a privilege we have worked hard to acquire to help you in a time of great stress.

Please note that during the last two years travelling to clinics was restricted. Many clinics could not survive losing the revenue and many were forced to closed. We are looking diligently to find places that do some treatments we found worth of consideration. One criteria that must be met is NO chemo or radiation used. Too many clinics are using chemo at low doses or radiation along with their natural treatments. This is done to satisfy the local governments usually. But a little poison just harms the body slower. How can you heal while your body is being poisoned?

We are happy to announce Atlantis Health Retreat does not use any form of chemo or radiation. AND their bone cancer results are the highest at 99%


Our compassion comes from walking your same journey

For more information and help on any of these treatments listed please contact us.

GcMAF  - restarts your immune system

GcMAF (Glycoprotein Macrophage Activating Factor) is a naturally occurring protein found in the human body that activates Macrophages (the immune systems first responders). Bacteria and viruses, including serious diseases and many viral and non-viral chronic disease are eliminated by macrophages. So basically, GcMAF stimulates the body’s immune system to defend itself. Which in turn prevents diseases from spreading unchecked.

click here to learn more about this treatment and where you get it.

Photo Dynamic Therapy -  Creating ways to kill cancer cells effectively

Photo Dynamic Therapy - PDT - uses as sensitizer to act with light to kill cancer cells as well can overcome autoimmune disease.
Some PDT treatments use a sensitizer taken orally then using a light source on the patient's body the sensitizer can be activated thereby kill the cancer cells that have been affected others use an IV type sensitizer and light source to activate the sensitizer.  Learn if PDT is right for you and where you can find it near you.

Grounding or Earthing

We are energy creatures.  Our electrons need to be grounded to facilitate healing. Learn how to ground no matter what treatments you use. Learn about how important grounding is to your health.

PDIS – Photodynamic Infrared Spectroscopy BREAKTHROUGH TREATMENT

Fluorescence spectroscopic detection of single circulating cancer cells in the bloodstream. One of the most advanced state of the art PDT treatments to control or stop metastases. 

LECYTA Oncopheresis Immunological Cancer Treatment BREAKTHROUGH TREATMENT

LECYTA is an extracorporeal technology that physically removes immune inhibitors from the blood and the tumor microenvironment. The technology allows the treating physician to reduce the level of inhibitors in the body to a specific threshold at which tumor inflammation and destruction occurs faster than new tumor mass is formed, but slowly enough that the body can process the resulting necrotic debris. Works like chemotherapy without the side effects - a breakthrough in how to treat cancer. The availability of this treatment is not known at this time. Since the shut-downs clinics have closed.

 Rigvir® Cancer Virotherapy

Rigvir® is a vaccine developed and used in Latvia with many years of research and use.  It is the only non-manufactured virus, it targets the tumor cells and once the virus enters the cancer cells it creates apoptosis, it only replicates within cancer cells, leaving healthy cells healthy. There are no side effects using Rigvir®. * Begin at clinic and continue at home

Learn more about Rigvir® 


Hyperthermia/ local or whole body

Hyperthermia heats up heat sensitive cancer cells.  This treatment is well documented in history; used for centuries in the fight against diseases and aliments. Today for cancer. * need to be at the clinic - outpatient possible

Discover the History and Types of Hyperthermia: Click Here

Hyperthermia Perfusion

Hyperthermia Perfusion is a method of taking the blood of the patient, pumping into a machine where it is warmed and then pumped back into the patient. This treatment weakens and kills cancer cells and other pathogens that invade the body and found in the blood. Often several treatments are required. While there are some facilities that use this type of treatment, often they are not thorough or lacking in performing Hyperthermia Perfusion as needed to be effective. This is usually due to the lack of proper and safe conditions to complete the treatment to its fullest ability for curing. We have access to getting you into the only Hyperthermic Perfusion room in North America dedicated to this treatment. *need to be at clinic - outpatient if qualified


Local Hyperthermia Available in United States

Discover a clinic in the U.S. using local hyperthermia with low grade radiation "Integrative Oncology-Cancer Treatment" at Bitcher Cancer Institute This site is allowed to use this treatment in the states due to its compliance of using it adjunctively with radiation. We list this for those who desire this option. *outpatient facility only


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy [PEMF]

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy or PEMF – is a technique more commonly used to treated bones, fractures thereof, depression, tissue, etc.; stimulating cellular repair through a magnetic pulse.  This microcurrent therapy has another use, reducing or reversing tumor progression through inducing cell death.  A study is being done using PEMF for brain cancers, in cancer research centers.  No one need wait for an FDA approval as PEMF is available now and its use against cancer has been known since the 1950’s when Dr Bjorn Nordenstrom, a radiologist and surgeon demonstrated using microcurrent he could reduce pain in tumors and noticed tumors regressed; his discovery lead him to believe the microcurrent was blocking tumors of their energy and they were dehydrating.  What is now known is when electromagnetism is precisely given it effects a change in diseased cells.  PEMF is not a treatment for disease, rather it regulates and optimizes the body’s ability to heal itself. *available through the clinic in an as need basis


Platelet Rich Plasma [PRP]

PRP treatment is where the patient’s own blood is taken using a simple blood draw.  A special centrifuge machine spins the blood to separate out and concentrate the platelets and growth factors that are essential for tissue healing.  The concentrated platelets with growth factors are called Platelet Rich Plasma [PRP]. Because it is your own PRP and nothing is altered your body will not have any reaction such as allergy or rejection of a foreign substance.  This treatment is extremely well tolerated and enhances healing of bones, muscles, and ligaments frequently. * at clinic only as needed


German New Medicine

Based on the theory disease comes from the body, NOT at ease; meaning it has undergone extreme stress, GNM has become known.  We believe this theory is not new and has been presented by many throughout history, but never made the public eye. Understanding this theory and knowing how to make drastic changes to your life to produce healing, will truly make a difference in your life.   Read the article, new links regarding this will be posted. Read more *practiced at the clinic when case warrants

IPT [ Insulin Potentiation Therapy]

IPT takes advantage of the powerful, cell-killing effects of ordinary chemotherapy drugs, used in very low doses.  Cancer cells need energy in order to grow and stay alive; therefore, their need to have continued energy means they must have a substantial amount of ‘food’, sugars are a high energy. Glucose is the key; they need that energy, however unlike normal cells that use what glucose they need only, cancer cells take in more and hold onto it, utilizing the energy it gives them to maintain the growth.  The low dose chemo is easily absorbed by cancer cells on the ‘back’ so to speak of the insulin [glucose].

This type of treatment was developed in Mexico by Doctor Garcia well over two decades ago. Although, mainstream medicine does not want to recognize it as a substantial treatment for those cancers that do not respond well; studies have shown a reduction in tumor size is found on tumors that had become resistant to conventional high dose chemotherapy.  

For tumors requiring reduction IPT is less invasive than conventional chemotherapy or the use of radiation. It is an option that does not heavily poison your body, leaving it able to help fight the cancer with alternative treatments given. Ask us for a clinic resource or consultation to discuss IPT. *inpatient clinic needed used as prescribed by doctor                                       


DCA [Dichloroacetate]

DCA turns on the mitochondria where apoptosis begins again.  Exposed for only 5 minutes to DCA a cancer cell will have the mitochondria turned back on for up to 48 hours. When reactivated the cells begin committing suicide. Such treatments often need to be very well monitored as the body will undergo a sudden huge die off.  This treatment can be done outside a clinic, but it is best done within a clinic setting that has expertise with its use and knowledge of how to monitor the die off as well as quickly detoxify the body.  Please ask for a clinic that uses this treatment to discuss using it. *acquired at the clinic on an as per prescribed by attending doctor



At the Heidelberg University and the German Cancer Research Center they were able to discover the long used Artesunate used for Malaria is also able to cause cancer cell death.  Extracts of the medicinal plant Artemisia annua (annual wormwood) have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over two thousand years. The active agent, artemisinin, in the plant unleashes a cytotoxic effect through a chemical reaction to iron.  This has a dramatic effect on the mitochondria causing cell death of the cancer cells. It does not affect healthy cells.  Please ask for more information. *used at the clinic as prescribed by doctor. Using at home can be done, we can tell you how clinicians have directed. 


Iscador is derived from fermented European mistletoe for herbal cancer treatment. Mistletoe is otherwise known as Viscum album. It has been used for centuries for its benefits. In Germany and Switzerland, it is commonly used to treat cancer; lessening the pain, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, shrinking tumor size, giving better quality of life through lessening of depressive states of mind and improving the immune system. *used at the clinic - used as continued home treatment - home treatment prescribed on case by case decision

Burzynski Clinic presents antineoplastons  

You can contact the Burzynski Clinic for updated information. Because they are undergoing FDA trials treatment criteria may change from month to month.



We do not endorse, advise or recommend any treatment listed; this information is there for you to become educated on what options are available.  Your focus should be to know and understand how different options may help you and then chose what you feel best suits your needs. Jesicha wanted the ability to open doors regarding treatments found world-wide that had great potential in helping people with cancer. We continue her goal. Please contact us for further information and help.


Natural Cancer Therapies

Below is an ongoing list of links to natural therapies we have not included in our gateway list because we have not seen either sufficient evidence of efficacy to be included in the gateway list. Many of these natural therapies are useful and beneficial for health and used as remedies for decades or centuries. We provide these links for educational purposes. Please do your due diligence.  We do not endorse nor imply any of these treatments are a cure; we are providing them for educational purposes only, the decision to use is yours.

  • http://cancertutor.com/   Website explaining a variety of natural therapies for cancer treatment, both early stages as well as late stages.

  • http://www.tbyil.com/cancer.htm  This website is a tremendous source for many alternative cancer treatments, supplements and prevention tips.  The articles are full of information that you will find will help you in your fight against cancer. Remember, there is never too much information when the information is wise. When making a decision, an educated one is most important. You can be sure this site is organized and run by someone with a mission to help you live a better healthier life.

  • http://polymva.com  PolyMVA is a product that everyone can benefit from, for cancer patients it is essential; not only does it give the body's ability to regain energy but to rebuild and fight the cancer by way of a complex scientific and biological mechanism. Most cancer clinics use PolyMVA as a standard addition to their integrative treatments.

  • http://www.pawpawresearch.com/pawpaw-intro.html  A little ugly fruit that packs a whole lot of benefits; makes graviola seem weak by comparison. Once you use it and see its beneficial cancer fighting properties it becomes a real pretty fruit.

  • Purchase Paw Paw: Here or you can get on Amazon here

  • http://fountainofholisticwellness.com Superfood ! These supplements were developed by a Russian doctor in hopes of ridding his family history of pancreatic cancer. He was successful using this highly developed super food. Everything you need to sustain health. There are maintenance levels and theraputic levels available. No matter what treatment you chose, this algae based nutrient filled super food is a must have.

  • http://www.new-cancer-treatments.org/  This organization researches alternative cancer treatments, It centers on rife therapies and other protocols, mostly for early stage cancers or cancer prevention.

  •  http://lpi.oregonstate.edu/infocenter/phytochemicals/curcumin/#        The Linus Pauling Institutes study on curcumin

  • http://www.rain-tree.com/graviola-capsules.htm  Using graviola as a cancer therapy and preventative supplement 

  • http://www.rain-tree.com/rtmprod.htm  Rainforest supplements and research for good preventatives against disease

  • http://www.humannaturenaturalhealth.com/CancerCare?gclid=COOWm-CPwq0CFcfe4AodqiWoAw  Naturopathic Oncology site

  • http://www.gerson.org/   Gerson Institutes site for treating cancer using a specific dietary and supplementation protocol for treating cancer; much information on juicing

  • http://curezone.com/  Looking for a cure or want to debate on what alternative treatments this is your zone. Not just for cancer, its for everything

  • ttp://dir.curezone.com/a/linkexchange.asp Look up links to other alternative treatments and products, these are for you use and we have not reviewed them, we do not endorse any treatment we have not fully researched.

Updating - list under continual construction We continually add new things to our list



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