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Services Provided by Jesicha's Hope


Jesicha's Hope provides free of charge, all resources, support, information and coordination of non-invasive, natural, alternative cancer treatments  or therapies. Jesicha's Hope is not paid; donations keep us here.

Our mission is for all those facing cancer, whether a patient or family member will find Hope at Jesicha's Hope. We want to open all doors for you, give you all the true emotional support you deserve, be there for you when you need someone that truly understands your fears, desperation and confusion and for you to find peace in your decisions, to find joy in your life.

If  you need support, have questions you need answers to, find yourself confused; the Jesicha's Hope is ready for you.

Do not spend another day feeling like you are in a dark tunnel, where life  is squeezing you and there seems no where to turn.  Jesicha's Hope is there to listen to you, we truly know how you feel, and we have been through it; there are answers and you need not be in the dark. Jesicha's Hope puts the light back into your life, it puts cancer into the deepest back corner of your life; allowing you to live.

Remember BELIEVE IN LIFE, we are all living, there is no one that can predict our time to leave; we live until our last breath; Jesicha's Hope gives you the ability to find joy in living, gives you life.  Above all things we demand each of our clients, to be respected by all those that treat them, part of that respect we demand is there right, by their creator, to LIVE; we allow no one to tell you otherwise, no one has a magic ball; only our creator knows, and will never be revealed. The great mystery of life, our time here on earth, open ended it is and our mission is simply to enjoy all experiences, finding joy and happiness in all things. Jesicha's Hope takes you to where you can and will ---- BELIEVE IN LIFE.

Jesicha's Hope Advocates - Life

All of our staff at Jesicha's Hope advocates for others the respect which is rightfully yours, for your caregivers be always hopeful and never for you to be sentenced to a grim future or death. We demand all caregivers of our clients to show you respect and give you hope for each day ahead of you.

The Jesicha's Hope Team will help you find the right 'Hope' for you. If you need someone to be an advocate for you, need someone that will listen and talk with you so you may cope with cancer, need to help coordinating your treatment options; we are here for you. Our mission is always HOPE, your right to enjoy life to best of our ability and always be in control of your wishes.

You become a Jesicha's Hope client when you obtain our services, your information is always confidential and we will always support your decisions.  There is NEVER a charge for using Jesicha's Hope, or obtaining Integrative treatment information or consultation (integrative cancer treatments are not part of Jesicha's Hope and any services rendered are solely agreed upon by you and the doctors or facilities).

We Open Doors - We are a Gateway to Healing

We open doors, ordinarily closed to those who seek traditional, conventional cancer treatments or therapies. Most doctors, hospitals and cancer caregivers support and recommend chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as the foremost methodology for treating cancer, although most statistics show there has been little improvement in the mortality rate after over three decades. While there have been major new chemotherapies, new radiation therapies and new surgical procedures over these decades,  little improvement in putting patients into long term remission, the cancer usually returns and treatment begins again, most patients during succumb eventually to the ravages of the continuous chemo, radiation and surgical procedures. Only 3 percent benefit - while non-toxic treatment protocols we help you get have 70 percent success rate.

Jesicha's Hope knows throughout the world, over these same decades, new and exciting therapies and treatments have arose that not only stop the cancer but many times eliminate the cancer,  Records and testimonies show many of these patients remain cancer free for decades after these treatments.  We believe it is your right to know how to obtain any of these treatments. Find out now.

We seek out the best possible treatments and the best doctors available to give you the best chance at hope. When we find a non-invasive, natural, alternative treatment or therapy, we open that door, allowing you to seek what you desire. You can find our resources in our Cancer Treatment  page.

We have obtained exclusive gateways for those seeking treatment resources found on Jesicha's Hope website.  These gateways enable us and you to keep the strong advocacy found at Jesicha's Hope, we are able to help guide you through the process of getting the treatment of choice. The doctors and clinics support our mission and find a patient that is supported has a better outcome. This is just another service with no charge to you.

We Get Your Consultations

We get you consultations for evaluating what you need, get support as you deal with your cancer, and get expert opinions from premier doctors that will give you advice on treatment options, a treatment plan is given exclusively for your case based on your evaluation. See our consultation page for details

We Provide Resources, Information, News and Links

If you are seeking information or news regarding cancer, we will try to provide the latest and most interesting for you. We know there are many hidden articles, statistics and information that you should be aware of; our job is to find them and provide them to you. Many truths are never told or always found at the back pages of journals, it is important to understand the truths regarding your health and that of your loved ones, Our Jesicha made a point of making sure all the truth hidden from her during her journey through fighting cancer will not be hidden any longer but will be out in the open for all to read. She was devastated by the lies told to her by her doctors and care givers, by those to whom she trusted her life; when all treatments, whether appropriate or not for her type, were exhausted, she was told to be grateful for the few years they gave her.  It was then she found the truths, perhaps too late; but NOT too late for those that come here, seeking help and hope. 

As you follow the links throughout this extensive site [it will always be updated and expanded], you will find the resources, information, news and links all regarding cancer treatment, therapies, research, statistics and achievements.



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Jesicha's Hope endorses and supports the efforts of we are not affiliated in any way; any organization trying to improve the chances of survival for cancer, is important to us. If you try to reach us using, you will land on our page, we want anyone arriving there or directed there to find us and find the resources, support and answers they seek.  We are here and ready to help, finding us at either spelling ensures you peace of mind and the help you seek. We understand there are different spellings and have secured the most common, in order to provide and give the best opportunity for those seeking hope to discover us and find the hope they seek.


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