No one has the answer to life, when it ceases, when is should end; how then can a doctor predict the length of life based on tests?  No doctor can or should predict ones length of life, no doctor should ever tell a patient he or she will die, worse yet when he or she will die.  As Jesicha said, we are all living until we die, none of us are dying, we are all living.


Never believe in the words you are dying or your cancer case is hopeless.  Where there is HOPE there is healing to be found.  Our minds, hearts and spirits all work in conjunction with each other, when one falters, healing slows, disease gains control. We know, where HOPE is, disease falters.


Our mission is about winning and overcoming cancer while keeping the body from the damages and ravages of conventional, traditional cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. We believe the logical choices are to first try natural, alternative, noninvasive cancer treatments that kill the cancer while having no adverse side effects. You can always turn to the chemo or radiation but you can never turn back and undo the mutilation done through the poisoning, burning and cutting from chemo, radiation and surgery. While we know they have their place, we also know it is a patient's right to be given the opportunity to explore and try the integrative cancer treatments,  natural, alternative cancer treatments, noninvasive cancer  treatments, they all are a do no harm approach.  Doctors today will not supply this information and go so far as to scare people into thinking it is quackery when statistics show it to be otherwise. Studies show doctors are unaware of most serious side effects therefore patients are uninformed and misinformed regarding using chemotherapy.  We at Jesicha's Hope will open those doors, supply those resources, guide you and always support your decision.  We support alternative cancer treatments because we believe in doing no harm first. Our site provides you alternative cancer treatments using many cancer treatment modalities.