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Life Force Energy Pads

For years people have wondered if cell phones, printers, computers, even that cell tower looming on the hill above your house could cause damage to your body. Through the efforts of Doctor Victor Garcia using his advanced technology and device, has been able to follow and watch the disturbances in the body. The things we were worried about were real, the electrical disturbances to the life force of the body occurred in a measurable way on his machine.

So we now know these damages exist. We can understand the impact of nuclear radiation on the human race. Image what has occurred on earth after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Seafood still being caught, even in American waters are contaminated with radiation. You eat those fish.

What does this all mean and can you do anything about it?  Radiation will affect you in two ways, one is direct and the second is through damage to the life force of the body.  Such damage lowers your resistance to damage and disease; cancer patients Dr Garcia says all have radiation damage, their energy is way down and hard to combat any disease most especially cancer. It may not be the cause but it surely prevents the body from healing or preventing disease.

Structured water is essential; using the Life Energy Field pads you can repair the damage.  Every living thing has a life force; religions speak of this energy and science has studied it. Until now no one could actually measure the damage and measure for repair. The technology Dr Garcia uses can confidently measure the amount of damage and can then measure how the life force actually repairs the damage. Structured water, the molecules line up as nature intended, giving back the life force or energy.

Doctor Garcia and a researcher developed the life force pad that is stronger than other such type products on the market, through their testing they could measure the amount of energy in other products and develop a product that could achieve complete repair.  Measuring the surface tension on the water as well as the evaporation of water they determined their device was able to actually effect the evaporation of their structured water. 

Using the Life Force Shield pad with water on it for thirty minutes to two hours as you drink the water your body begins to repair itself from both electronic and nuclear radiation damage.  The Life Force Energy pad is made of over ten layers of microscopic vacuumed deposited conductors and layers of dielectric organic material. Dr Garcia has tested these extensively and found they are consistent in their repair. Should you have continuous exposure to electronic or nuclear radiation you will need to continue to repair your body.  This is especially true for those that work in such conditions, use cell phones, microwaves, and electronic devices in the home or office or have radiation for cancer.


An experiment using different types of water show how structured water gives true life force to even something as simple as a mung bean.


Click to View Demonstration Video

Click to View Scientific Tutorial Video


Life Force Energy Pads are made in the Philippines, each are tested by Dr Garcia. There are limited quantities because they are time consuming the assembly process. 

They come in three sizes: small credit card size, medium coaster size and large for large vessels of water.


Jesicha's Hope can help you get one. They must be shipped from the Philippines so please be patient as shipping times may be a few weeks.




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