Alternative integrative cancer treatments like Sono Photo Dynamic therapy SPDT, Hyperthermia, Rigvir, Varumin therapy and more
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Integrative, Natural, Alternative, Non-Invasive Cancer Treatments

local hyperthermia

Cancer Treatment Modalities Available

For most of us the only cancer treatments we know of is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  In recent years there has been other traditional treatments added, one being radiotactic surgery, using a pin point, gamma knife which can get in where other surgical instruments could not, this opened doors for those who otherwise would have been deemed having an inoperable tumor, especially in the brain. This and many other modalities are available, we are here to open those doors, to be the gateway to helping you achieve your goal of living cancer free.  We are pleased after working diligently, to have developed relationships with premier alternative cancer doctors, research centers and clinics throughout Europe, Asia, South and North America; our gateway for you means more treatments are available to you through opening these doors. We support, advocate, guide, and negotiate for you. Discover the modalities and then discover the gateway.

When facing cancer, one needs to look at all options and we want to bring to you as many options as we find available. Most traditional or conventional therapies are widely known and their information widely available. Jesicha's Hope looks beyond the traditional, or conventional therapies and seeks out the rather unknown therapies. While we say, unknown, they are not unknown or uncommon in other areas of the world where traditional meets non- traditional on a daily basis and integrating many modalities is very common place in fighting cancer.

While we list or include within this site many modalities we cannot guarantee the success or effectiveness of any one or combination of any modality. We do not imply or recommend any modality as the decision for your own health care is yours. Our sole purpose is to open doors to all possible treatments, concentrating on non-invasive treatments with little or no side effects. Noting that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery all have known side effects, we believe, other modalities can be beneficial and considered before making final choices to your approach to treating your cancer.

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  •  Photo Dynamic Therapy

  •  Rigvir® Cancer Virotherapy

  • Philippine Protocol - 4th Generation PDT -X-gly & Nano

  • Hyperthermia/ local or whole body

  • Plused Electromagnetic Field Therapy [PEMF]

  • Hyperthermia Perfusion

  • Platelet Rich Plasma [PRP]

  • German New Medicine

  • IPT [ Insulin Potentiation Therapy]

  • DCA  [Dichloroacetate]

  • Artesunate

  • Iscador



Gateway to Treatments 


Natural Cancer Therapies

Below is an ongoing list of links to natural therapies we have not included in our gateway list because we have not seen either sufficient evidence of efficacy to be included in our gateway. Many of these natural therapies are useful and beneficial for health and used as remedies for decades or centuries. We provide these links for educational purposes only. Please do your due diligence. WE DO NOT ENDORSE NOR IMPLY ANY OF THESE TREATMENTS ARE A CURE; WE ARE PROVIDING THEM FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, THE END DECISION IS YOURS.


  •   Website explaining a variety of natural therapies for cancer treatment, both early stages as well as late stages.

  •  This website is a tremendous source for many alternative cancer treatments, supplements and prevention tips.  The articles are full of information that you will find will help you in your fight against cancer. Remember, there is never too much information when the information is wise. When making a decision, an educated one is most important. You can be sure this site is organized and run by someone with a mission to help you live a better healthier life.

  •  PolyMVA is a product that everyone can benefit from, for cancer patients it is essential; not only does it give the body's ability to regain energy but to rebuild and fight the cancer by way of a complex scientific and biological mechanism. Most cancer clinics use PolyMVA as a standard addition to their integrative treatments.

  •  A little ugly fruit that packs a whole lot of benefits; makes graviola seem weak by comparison. Once you use it and see its beneficial cancer fighting properties it becomes a real pretty fruit.

  • Purchase Paw Paw: Here or you can get on Amazon here

  • Superfood ! These supplements were developed by a Russian doctor in hopes of ridding his family history of pancreatic cancer. He was successful using this highly developed super food. Everything you need to sustain health. There are maintenance levels and theraputic levels available. No matter what treatment you chose, this algae based nutrient filled super food is a must have.

  •  This organization researches alternative cancer treatments, It centers on rife therapies and other protocols, mostly for early stage cancers or cancer prevention.

  •        The Linus Pauling Institutes study on curcumin

  •  Using graviola as a cancer therapy and preventative supplement 

  •  Rainforest supplements and research for good preventatives against disease

  •  Naturopathic Oncology site

  •   Gerson Institutes site for treating cancer using a specific dietary and supplementation protocol for treating cancer; much information on juicing

  •  Looking for a cure or want to debate on what alternative treatments this is your zone. Not just for cancer, its for everything

  • ttp:// Look up links to other alternative treatments and products, these are for you use and we have not reviewed them, we do not endorse any treatment we have not fully researched.

Updating - list under construction We continually add new things to our list


Many inclusions here refer to other sites, clinics, doctors and hospitals. While we agree with and commend all for their tireless work against cancer, we cannot make recommendations to any unless we have worked with them and know the clinic, doctor or site.  When asking about or want us to obtain a consultation please contact us directly; our staff will become your direct liaison to the clinic, we will give you personal attention and help you through the entire process. When you become our client, you will receive the utmost care, support and above all give you the Hope we know you deserve.



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