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Teachable Moments from the Director

Don't Make Her Cry - We are here to help people and whatever we do it is because we care. Please don't try to scam us.  Because a few people that have scammed us while we tried to get treatments for them we are now unable to process any treatment supplies. It saddens us to do this but what little donations come our way we cannot afford to be scammed. This takes funds from us and ultimately our 'lesson' taught us they can reach into our personal lives. Jesicha started Jesicha's Hope to help give hope, when you deceive and take from us you are hurting people. This truly makes an angel cry

Cheap - I want something cheap. We have people every day calling us to see if we have something cheap. Some really want cheap and we call them the 1.99 specials; how on earth do people expect to cure cancer cheaply?  If I could I would plaster that all over our site. Truth is cancer is not something easily overcome, it did not occur easily and in order to bring about a full remission you need to take some serious protocols. Unfortunately if you want cheap you will no doubt bring your cost of living down to zero sooner or later, too often sooner. We are empathic and we are compassion but cannot give you something as cheap as dirt - heck dirt costs more - to cure you. We can help you get funds, we can give you tips, we can even get some one to help you try to stabilize you so you can get funds, but we cannot treat you in all good conscience for 1.99.

Remedies - why do we not want to rely on remedies to treat cancer? This is simply, although anedotal evidence is there because people say they have used it and it worked there is not enough evidence to say we want to list them as possible good options.  If there are 1000 people that use a remedy and 10 say they got recovery or improvement, the law of averages exist that these 10 may have gone into remission or improved without that remedy. What we look at is not the 10 but 990 that did not get any improvement or while hoping for a remission their cancer got worse or they died. We think the statistics as we see them is not good.  So we rely on evidence, scans and actual documented results.

Kill My Cancer and I will be good as new -  Cancer did not just start yesterday, it took years to develop. It is an accumulation of pathogens and toxins that affect the body in a negative way. You can kill the cancer cells but what made you sick is still there. Pathogens and toxins have to be eliminated, Dead cancer cells can produce a toxic effect. Recovery of cancer death is not easy.  Yes, cancer can be killed, but it is the recovery that will decide your survival.